"As the chipper, curious narrator of our story, Dr. Watson, Dan Seda is effusive in emotion, eager for chitchat, and enthusiastic for all those in a skirt...When expressing himself in song (as in "A Married Man"), Mr. Seda sings with clear purpose and a voice bearing a pleasant edge and crisp tones." -- Eddie Reynolds, Theatre Eddys

"Dan Seda is a first-rate performance as Dr. Watson" -- Richard Connema, Talkin Broadway

"New York actor Dan Seda is outstanding as Peter Allen." -- Richard Connema, Talkin Broadway

"Dan Seda's Peter Allen hit the mark." -- LP, Goldstar

"Dan Seda capably brings to life the turbulent highs and lows of the flamboyant Allen's career...Seda is charming as Allen, driving the narrative with a natural ease." Steve Murray, For All Events

"With his bare chest and garish glitter lipstick, Dan Seda was a polymorphously perverse Emcee. His body a fluid mass of unabashed exhibitionism, his every leer a come-on to some as-yet undiscovered level of Hell, and possessing a voice that floated with seeming ease from high baritone to lyric tenor, Seda gave an account not of evil but of show-biz with a death's-head grin." -- Scott Ross, Robert's Reviews